Ashley Graham Asked That Her Barbie Doll Have Touching Thighs and Cellulite

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Model and body-positive naturalist Ashley Graham just obtained a new respect for her part in strengthening females everywhere. At the Charm Women of the Year 2016 Stay Peak, Barbie items recognized Ashley with her very own look-alike toy, which was wearing a formfitting glistening outfit and jeans coat.



“Ashley Graham is a trailblazer who motivates every lady — and lady — to see the elegance in herself,” said Lisa McKnight, gm of Barbie items.

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The respect represents Ashley’s commitment to growing the content of self-acceptance and feminine power in both the modeling and style market. She is also the newest Barbie items “Shero” or females idol, becoming a member of the positions of Misty Copeland and Zendaya. If you’ve followed Ashley’s profession, though, then you know she’s always forcing the limitations on market requirements. It was she who said, “Be you. Be real. Be genuine. Be your preferred type of lady. Don’t let anybody else take that job.”

We can only think about the enjoyment Ashley experienced when she obtained her own toy, so search on to see her responses and then look at unique statue yourself.

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