Fashion Trends 2017

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Hello friends, I hope you are fine. Today, I am going to teach some basics of fashion trend 2017. I will show some background of fashion trend 2017 with interesting terms used in fashion. This article is useful for students and people who don’t know term fashion trend 2017 and its background but they have eager to learn about it. Those who want to learn fashion and want to make their way to success in this field. I hope this article will be helpful for all of you.
Let’s Start.

Fashion Trend 2017

fashion trend 2017 is a famous style people tend to adopt in different things including clothing, makeup and body.
We can define it simply as, fashion is just a trend. Many people define fashion in their own way.
Retailers define fashion as whatever they are currently selling.
Fashion just represents a way of social interaction.
To be successful in fashion trend 2017 industry, you must have an understanding of basic terms such as style and design.
Style: Style is just like a shape of different items which identified by different features that make it unique.
Design: Design is a kind of unique version of a style. Because, it has specific arrangement of some important design elements.
Customers choose any garments based on its color.
There are three dimensions of color:
Hue: It defines quality of color.
Value: It defines lightness or darkness of a color.
Intensity: It defines both brightness and dullness of a color.
Now, let’s define some basic terms used in fashion.
Line: line redirects path of eye movement.
Shape: It is an outline of a garment.
Texture: It is how surface of a fabric looks.
Function: It defines purpose of an object.
There are four design elements in fashion:

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• Color
• Line
• Texture
• Shape
Fashion trend 2017 Products:
Fashion trend 2017 is anything which has customer appeal at a time.
Fashion is normally determined by taste of person.
Taste is current opinion of what is attractive for individual.
Fashion products include:
• Clothing
• Accessories
Economics Importance:
Fashion is reflection of economic environment.
When people are unable to satisfy their basic needs, in this case, style becomes less important.
Earliest Clothing:
Earliest clothes were used for the weather and environment.
Earliest clothes were made of animal skin, leaves and grass.
Normally, people have three basic clothing needs:
Physical needs: this is useful for protection and safety.
Psychological needs: this is useful for appearance.
Social needs: This is important for affiliation and some standards.
I will explain you what is career path in fashion industry.
Fashion industry is growing industry in all over the world.
These are some career options in fashion:
• Model
• Photographer
• Salesperson
• Stylist
• Designer
• Pattern Maker
• Marketer
• Retail Manager
• Buyer
• Visual Merchandiser
These are some tips for getting hired.
• First of all, try to make a portfolio of your work.
• Do some researches about the market before you apply for any job?
• Try to adopt more and more skills yourself.
• Ignore haters. Just focus on your work.
• Be patience.
• In the beginning, try to work more at low cost and build links.
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